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Somerville Open Studios

Somerville Open Studios Presents:
Beyond the Pattern - The Art in Fashion Show

Thursday, April 30, 2015, 7:30 - 9 pm
Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Ave.
[ Directions | Map ]

Admission is free. Doors open at 6:30 pm.
Seating is general admission; please arrive early for best seating. The Armory bar will be open, featuring local craft brews and soft drinks for your sipping pleasure. Parking is available in the lot behind the Armory, as well as on the street.

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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, in the street.

Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

   -Coco Chanel

This live runway event features participating SOS artists showcasing their original clothing, jewelry, and accessory designs in an exciting and dynamic mode - a departure from the traditional open studios setting.

From daring creations to graceful silhouettes, costumes to couture - and everything imaginable in between - the fashion show offers a unique opportunity to view the work of a group of individual artists, independently and in collaboration, exploring the idiom of art in fashion.

This year, The Young Designers Challenge will feature a group of students from the Somerville High School Fashion Club. Students will be modeling garments they designed and constructed in class with the guidance of their teacher Gianna Sardella.

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The Designers

Annie Blazejack, a narrative painter, has recently forayed into the realm of fashion design, hoping that this medium can help tell a story about deep space, camouflage, and a utopian future.

Blazejack and her frequent collaborator, Geddes Levenson, have designed a cotton fabric patterned with star clusters reminiscent of photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. According to Blazejack and Levenson:

Intergalactic-grade Nanofabric has revolutionized space travel. Light and extremely malleable, the material is easy to handle and resilient to the pressures of space flight. Through the patterning process, the sheets take on properties of the fabric of space time, and assume the appearance of a deep star field littered with nebulas and distant star clusters. More importantly, the Intergalactic-grade Nanosheets are hyperreactive to folds in space time, which means that they require no conventional fuel sources and are not limited by the speed of light in their travels.

Kim Bloomfield has been working in textiles for over 25 years. After receiving a degree in Fine Arts at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, she found the opportunity to use her art and creativity in the field of social services. In addition, her knowledge of textiles and production techniques were enhanced while working for interior design and upholstery companies.

Kim's first textile businesss, Sewn Delights, offers custom designed bags, upholstery and interior decor for home and office. Her most recent project, BroadChestedBroads, is a clothing line created for the busty woman.

All BroadChestedBroads styles are specifically designed to provide extra space where space is needed the most. The clothing is made of cotton, linen or other natural fibers, for supreme comfort while close to the skin. The collection includes one-of-a-kind bags, hats and accessories, created with up-cycled and recycled materials.

Joolie Cahill is the owner/designer for I am Joolienn - her self made small business. She creates one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories, and jewelry, made using mainly recycled, eco sustainable, cruelty free or vintage materials. Her favorite things to design are alternative wedding gowns and feather hair accessories.

Joolie's creations are for the unique individual who enjoys standing out in a crowd, and/or likes dressing up. Exploring self individuality and self confidence both important concepts that she works into the how's and why's of her designs. Each design has a story of its first/second/third life and telling these stories at different events or to different people is Joolie's favorite part of her job.

Jessica Caruso-Reynolds is a Master Leathersmith and has over 15 years of experience in Leathercraft. She follows the traditional art form, using no large machinery in the manufacturing of her products. Every item is made by hand by her or those under her tutelage.

With the promotion of Ms. Jamie Tooker to Journeyman (Assistant) Leathersmith, Jessica is very proud that Emporium Custom Leathers, LLC is a third generation woman-owned and -employed business.

Jessica and Jamie reside in Boston during the Winter & Spring and work out of a small studio in Somerville. In the Summer and Fall, "Lady Jess" and her team can be seen making sword sheaths, corsets, period leather clothing and accessories onsite at the NY Renaissance Faire.

This is the fourth SOS Fashion Show for JoAnne Coppolo, the sole designer and garment maker of JoJo Original Designs, a company she started in 2007.

She comes from a string of folk artists who created out of love and necessity. Since childhood she has been using fabric as her medium for artistic self expression. Moving around in the world with eyes wide open further influenced her sense of style and attraction to everything from a simply woven cloth to the exotic and flamboyant color of some indigenous textiles.

Over the decades she has honed her skills as a constructionist using fabric to "build" a garment. The challenge of putting together something that feels good, fits well and looks unique is very satisfying. She also loves to create loose, one size, flowing pieces that can be worn by any age or size.

Rebecca D'Antonio has been designing and handcrafting jewelry since 2005. An avid lover of the creative arts and the daughter of a show business manager, Rebecca has always been drawn to activities that mirror her passion to create. After walking into a bead store that opened around the corner from her home, Rebecca immediately was enchanted by the beautiful selection and decided to take a class. From the very first piece she created, a pair of dangling red crystal earrings, people began to admire her work. Many were asking for custom designs for themselves.

Rebecca started J.M. Jewelry Designs limitedly in 2006 at the encouragement of her growing base of loyal customers. Having a much-admired and beloved twin sister with special needs who is accomplished in canvas and graphic mediums, Rebecca created the company name by putting together their middle names -Janelle and Marie.


Habeas Corpus is a creative studio focused on materiality and the body through dress, architecture, dance, & history. All materials used are natural and gently compostable.

2 projects are being shown on the runway :

  • Body of Knowledge is the making of French 18th century stays, following the exact procedure described in The Art of the Tailor, a treaty from 1769. It is a historical investigation into the minds of garment makers before us.
  • Lowell Girls is a small collection of daily spring-summer wear, made from the cotton canvas woven today at the Boott Mill Museum weave room, in Lowell, MA. The collection is a tribute to the working women of Lowell, past and present. Patterns are based on rectangles, to accomodate the small widths of the fabric, and waste as little as possible.

Nancy Moskin uses her experiences with stained, blown and flame-worked glass while developing her glass and metal jewelry in a wide range of styles. She holds a B.A. in Art History and an M.F.A. in studio art, both of which continually inform her process of creation.

Her current work takes its initial inspiration from the Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna and their rich, metallic elegance. Glass's ability to both reflect and transmit light, its colors and its pliability while in its molten state keep Nancy fascinated with its potentials. It also offers a terrific excuse for playing with fire.

Kimberley Pendleton, Fashion Designer, Milliner and Artist from The Waughdrobe and Mad Hatter Market: I am a Mum of two energetic beautiful children. My online selling presence began six years ago and can now be found at MadHatterMarket.com. it began as a perfect opportunity to have a "storefront" for all the creations realised and also those buzzing around in my head, whilst giving my children the benefit of a stay at home parent. I am positively enjoying the beauty of being able to do both.

Consuelo Perez: I believe that visual impact makes a stronger statement because we often judge things by how we see them, and we do not give them a chance.

My art can be expressed and interpreted in different ways. When I look at the trash I think to myself of the many ways that this trash can be turn into extraordinary forms of art, and what kind of food people eat.

Through this form of art I have become aware of the meaning behind the trash in different communities. While I collect trash to make art, others collect them to survive just like the biological symbiotic relationship. For example, the birds feed off of the crocodile while the crocodile is being cleaned up. They both benefit.

I do this type of art because I have control. There are issues such as abortion, where people question whether or not it is correct to give life to someone or something. I do not have to contemplate political issues because the creation of the piece is up to me, because art crosses all boundaries.

Sadiya Sheeba Akasha is an inspired, self taught designer from Somerville. She enjoys collaborating with clients to create custom clothing and costumery suited to the clients' desires, sense of style, and practical wearability. Sadiya Sheeba also dabbles in cosplay at local conventions translating fan based and professional character designs into the real world.

In support of local designers, makers, and spirited artists, Sadiya Sheeba serves on the board of an arts based non-profit, Firefly Arts Collective, and produces an annual community event for Project MUM. Sadiya Sheeba often participates as an artist and volunteer at year round local events featuring the arts such as FIGMENT Boston, and of course, Somerville Open Studios. Keep in touch by following my blog at www.sadiyasheeba.me.

Jennifer Weigel is a multi-disciplinary mixed media conceptual artist. Weigel utilizes a wide range of media to convey her ideas, including assemblage, drawing, fibers, installation, jewelry, painting, performance and video. Much of her work touches on themes of beauty, identity (especially as it pertains to gender identity), memory & forgetting, and institutional critique.

Weigel's art has been exhibited nationally and has won numerous awards. She enjoys exploring costume and wearable art as a means of considering identity and fashion, especially focusing on alternative materials and presentations in performative and transformative ways.