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Applications Sought for
2016 Event Coordinator Position

The Board of Directors of Somerville Open Studios (SOS) is seeking applications from individuals interested in the position of SOS Event Coordinator for 2016.

The SOS Event Coordinator manages of one of the largest and most successful Open Studios events in the country. The Coordinator is the engine and fuel of the event and serves as the public face of both the event and the organization. The position requires knowledge of and experience with running a city-wide arts event. The Coordinator outlines the overall scope of the event, recruits and supports volunteer committees, manages the budget and event priorities, oversees and participates in the production of the map book event guide and works to publicize the event. The Coordinator position is a year-long commitment. A stipend is available.

Please submit applications via email by 5:00 pm on Sunday April 26, 2015. Refer to additional information below for full details.

SOS Event Coordinator Job Description


The SOS Event Coordinator produces an annual open studio event in Somerville, Massachusetts, scheduled for April 29, 30 and May 1, 2016. General responsibilities include defining the scope of the year's event, recruiting volunteer teams and team leaders, establishing budgetary and staffing priorities, and managing all event planning and operations. During their tenure, the Coordinator is the public face of SOS. This includes communicating with the artist community, the public, city officials and the press. In executing their responsibilities, the Coordinator must always keep in mind SOSís overall educational mission, core values and goals.

The Coordinator reports to an advisory Board of Directors that oversees the annual budgeting process and provides organizational governance. He or she shall periodically report to the Board concerning the status of the planning effort and consult with the Board on major financial commitments, changes to operational policies, or any decisions that may have legal implications. Beyond this, the Coordinator is provided wide latitude to define the general tone and specifics of the event, allowing each year's open studios to have a unique "flavor" or emphasis, provided that such emphasis is consistent with organization's mission and serves the interests of the visual arts community in Somerville.


Desired areas of experience


Generally working within the established weekend format of the annual event, the Coordinator defines the scope of event activities and components in consultation with the Board of Directors, and organizes the planning process. The Coordinator will consider how various activities, event components and the structure of the planning process itself can coalesce to support and strengthen the overall event, the Somerville visual arts community and the wider Somerville community. The Coordinator may elect to lend a particular theme or emphasis to the event and is encouraged to elaborate on established year-round components such as artists' talks, gatherings and collaborations to support the artists and community.

The Coordinator will have the following responsibilities:

Establish an Event Budget - Set the budget for the event and prioritize amongst ideas and opportunities for those of highest value to the community and best use of resources. He or she will report periodically to the Board regarding event finances.

Schedule Event Planning - Establish and monitor a structure of deadlines and benchmarks throughout the year that recognizes interdependencies between different groups and individuals within and outside the SOS artist community. Keep projects on track by checking in with various teams, groups or outside parties, ensuring that each is getting what they need from each other.

Recruit and Retain Volunteers - Recruit key volunteers as team leaders and help recruit support volunteers. Maintain a working environment that fosters volunteerism. Create working teams to distribute the planning effort while connecting the SOS artist community, and structure teams to avoid a 'single point of failure' in a given volunteer.

Serve as Spokesperson and "Cheerleader" - Acting as the public face of the organization, set the tone of the organization and foster an understanding of the event, targeting both SOS artists and the general public. The Coordinator is in the best position to rally the SOS artist community to be involved with and assist in event planning. Help all teams of volunteers work together toward a shared or at least overlapping vision of SOS. The Coordinator must be comfortable representing the event and organization to the media and/or advocating for the organization with city officials and others whose support is necessary to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

Oversee Sponsorship - Together with a sponsorship team leader, develop a fundraising plan to fill the gap between income from artist registration fees and the cost of the event. The Coordinator must be willing to reach out to local businesses and members of the community to raise money needed to support the event.

Oversee Map Book Content & Production - Production of the printed map book event guide is a critical element needed for the event. Its preparation requires a high degree of oversight and involvement by the Coordinator. A wide range of different types of information from various sources must be finalized well in advance of the event in order to allow adequate time for final map book design, proofing, printing and distribution. A significant portion of the Coordinatorís time in February and early March will be devoted to this task.

Hours and Compensation

The Coordinator must be able to dedicate sufficient time throughout the course of the year, starting in May 2015. The amount of effort required depends on a number of factors but as a general guide one should expect to expend between 5 and 10 hours a week over the summer, roughly 20 hours a week in the fall, steadily increasing to as much as 30 or 40 hours a week during critical periods leading up to the event. A stipend is available and is factored into the annual budget.

Application Process

Please submit a resume describing your experience in visual art and non-profit organizations and a cover letter describing your interest in the position. Please state the ways in which your background and experience align with the desired qualifications and experience.

Please email your application to nominations@somervilleopenstudios.org. Applications sent by 5:00 pm on Sunday, April 26, 2015 will receive full consideration. The position will remain open until filled. Questions regarding the coordinator position or the application process may be directed to the same address.